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Audio Response

All members are provided with a  card for use with our audio response system. This card will enable you unlimited access to your account from anywhere in the United States, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, at no charge to you. 
We refer to our Audio Response as "SIS".

Please use the 1-800 number only when you are outside of the local calling area.

To access your account, enter the account number shown on your membership card.

The action codes are the two digits on the right hand side of your "SIS" card, or see the table below.

If you have any questions or experience any problems, please contact the Credit Union at (530) 842-1694, call or text.

Here's a table of commands available to members:



1-800-755-4SIS (4747)

Balance Information

    Share Savings 01
    Draft Checking 02
    Line of Credit 03
    Balance/any suffix 09

Account History

    Any Suffix (up to 45 days) 10

Checks Cleared

    Last service (up to 45 days) 14
    Specific check # 15

Funds Transfers

    Savings to Checking 21
    Checking to Savings 22
    Transfer between two Accounts 28
    Transfer between two suffixes 29


    Share Savings 41
    Draft Checking 42
    Interest Line of Credit 43
    Any suffix 49

Payroll/Direct Deposit Info

    Share Savings 11
    Draft Checking 12

Deposit Information

    Share Savings 16
    Draft Checking 17
    Deposit/Any Suffix 19

Check Withdrawals*

    From Savings 31
    From Checking 32

ATM Withdrawals

    Draft Checking 52

ACH Withdrawals

    Share/Savings 53
    Draft/Checking 54

Account Withdrawals

    Any Share Suffix 59


    Current Dividend and Interest Rate 91
    Change Personal ID (PIN) 93
    Change to Different Account# and PIN 97
    HELP Information 98
    End Call 99

Account numbers:



001 Share Saving (6 transfers per month only)
002 Christmas Club (transfers not allowed)
003 IRA (transfers not allowed)
004 Vacation shares
070-074 Share Draft & Checking (unlimited)
080-084  Secondary Shares (6 transfers per month only)
085 Money Market (three transfers per month if balance over $2500.00)
021 Visa
075 Overdraft loan

For suffixes on any other loans you may have, please refer to your statement or contact the Credit Union.

*Check Withdrawals
The check will be printed in the MEMBER'S name only and will be mailed to the member's address on file at the time of the request.

If you are trying to obtain any information that is not listed above and/or you are having difficulty with this Member Service, please contact us IMMEDIATELY at 530-842-1694.

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