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Most people use at least one of their financial accounts everyday. Either they're withdrawing cash, purchasing groceries, paying bills or performing any number of other tasks that require them to deal with their money. Siskiyou Central's high-quality, low-cost products can not only help you navigate some of these daily dealings, but the credit union offers up some helpful resources as well.

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Make the most of the money you have by drawing-up a Budget Blueprint.

First, you need to gain a clearer picture of your finances by effectively tracking your money—where your spending it, how much and how often.

Second, establish a system that works for you. Whether it's as high-tech as a monthly spreadsheet, or as simple as every Monday you take a moment to enter in your register all the receipts you accumulated the week before, soon you'll have a better understanding of where you can trim your spending, decrease your debt and increase your savings.

Third, set goals that you hope to achieve with your finances, and then realign your budget accordingly.

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