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Life Stages - My Family

As your family grows and grows older, Siskiyou Central Credit Union can help you navigate all the relative stages you may encounter in the years to come. Whether you've just walked down the aisle, welcomed a new bundle of joy into your household or need assistance mapping out a future plan to help provide for your loved ones, Siskiyou Central Credit Union products and services give you options as you lay the foundation for a successful tomorrow.
  • Getting Married
    The union of marriage is more than the joining together of two people, it's the linking together of their families, possessions and finances. Combining two incomes and budgets can be a challenge, but to keep your best of times from becoming your worst of times, consider the following:
    • Have the money talk. Keeping the lines of communication open can help you to head-off future disagreements over funds, AND help you set your goals as a couple. Ask yourselves, do you want to purchase a house and when? How many children do you want to have? When do you plan to retire?
    • Yours, mine and ours. Another important decision is if you want to keep your money separate, or if you want to pool everything into joint accounts.
    • Curb credit card debt. Know how much credit card (and other) debt that each of you will bring into the marriage. Once you have an idea of the figure, then you can discuss a plan for paying-off what you owe.
    • Make Changes to the Proper Documents. Name changes on driver's licenses, passports, social security cards, tax documents and financial accounts are common, but it's important to make sure all other legal documents are updated, such as: wills, insurance information, investments and powers of attorney.

  • Buying a Car
    Affordable financing makes all the difference. Discover how much you can save with great auto loan rates from Siskiyou Central. By-Pass the hassle by getting pre-approved and not only will you know how much you can spend, but you can also use this information to negotiate with the dealership for the best price. Member's can apply now! by logging on to Flex Teller and clicking on loan application button.

    Plus, we also offers protective products and services for both you and your vehicle:

    • Guaranteed Automobile Protection (GAP) Insurance
    • Mechanical Repair Coverage
    • Life and Disability Insurance
  • Having a Baby
    Congratulations! You'll soon be welcoming a new bundle of joy into your household. One thing you can expect when you're expecting, however, is that you will need to re-evaluate your finances to accommodate the expenses that will arrive along with your new delivery.
    • Forecast Your Finances. Will you need a bigger home? Or a larger car? Is it feasible for one of you not to return to work and stay home with the child? If not, what will the average cost of childcare be? These are all important things to consider as your family grows.
    • Insurance Coverage. It's important to know the specifics of your insurance plan and what it will cover in terms of the labor and delivery, as well as the rapid fire doctors visits once the baby is born. And if increasing your coverage is necessary, make sure you do so.
    • Make Changes to the Proper Documents. Remember to apply for a social security card for you child, as well as any other legal documents they may need. Additionally, make sure you revise your will to include your new baby, as well as realign the division of your estate.
    • Income Taxes. Claiming your children on your tax return allows for some important tax credits. Make sure all tax documents are updated.

    Plus, Siskiyou Central Credit Union works to serve your children as well with savings accounts, which teach the importance of setting aside funds early, and education savings and loan options to help them step forth into a bright future.

  • Caring for Elders
    As the years go by, and your loved ones continue to age, it is important to discuss your part in their future plans. For instance, do you know how they have budgeted their retirement income? What are their thoughts and hopes for long-term care should it prove necessary?

    Not only is it important for you to know on their behalf, but it's important for you to think about for your future as well.
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