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We Have Gifts!
Designed to make your birthday, holiday, graduations and special-occasion gift buying more convenient than ever

Gift Cards.
Gift Cards are the only gift that's guaranteed to please.

They're welcome anywhere Visa® cards are accepted. You choose the amount. We load the card in seconds.
(with a $10.00 minimum and a maximum of $750.00)
The recipient can choose where to go and what to buy, It's that simple.

To Order Gift Cards, or to learn more, Visit our branch and talk to one of our member service representatives. Ordering is easy. You can buy multiple ready-to-use Gift Cards in minutes.


Siskiyou Central Credit Union gifts come in small plastic packages

Registering your card

For your protection you should always register your card, this can help with on line transaction from being declined. It's easy, just use the link above for balance and transaction history, enter the information required to login and click on the registration link.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Where can the card be used ?

The advantage of the gift card is that - unlike merchant -specific cards - they can be used to make purchases anywhere Visa® cards are accepted. You can use a gift card at literally thousands of retail stores, restaurants, over the phone, and entertainment locations throughout the US - as well as online.

Are Gift Cards the same as credit cards ?

NO. Gift Cards are prepaid Visa® Cards that carry a fixed cash amount determined by the gift card purchaser. Each time you use the card, the purchase amount is deducted from the available balance.

Can Gift Cards Be Reloaded?

Individual cards cannot be;reloaded; but you always have the option to purchase additional Gift Cards for yourself or for someone special in your life.

Can a merchant give cash back on a Gift Card?

Merchants can deduct purchases from Gift Cards accounts,  but they cannot offer cash back as part of the gift card service. 

Do Gift Cards have expiration dates ?

Gift cards expire when the remaining balance reaches $0. After the expiration date printed on the front of the card, the card holder can obtain any funds remaining on the card by calling


Are there monthly service fees ?

A small monthly service fee will begin on the 13th consecutive month after there has been no activity on your card, then a fee is deducted from the card balance till the balance is $0 or the card expires, except where prohibited by law. For more information call:

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