Siskiyou Credit Union Online Banking Changes

This letter is to inform you of the upcoming changes to our Online Banking password requirements. Within the next 30 days we are asking our members to enhance their passwords to have a minimum of 8-characters, this will need to include upper-case and lower-case letters, numbers, and a special character.

If you do not change your password within the next 30 days, to meet these requirements, the Online Banking System will prompt you to change your password to the new format.
We are also asking all users to change their username, if you are using your account number, if you are not using your account number as your user ID, no changes are needed.

Please follow these instructions to change your Online Banking Password and Username:
1. Login to Online Banking at
2. Click on the menu on the top left of your screen 
3. Once the menu is open Click on settings 
4. On the Settings Screen it will prompt you to enter your current password, below this line you will need to enter your new password and them confirm your new password. Then click on SET NEW PASSWORD on the right side of the screen.
5. To change your username, this information is on the same screen below the password change section, please change this to something other than your account number.
6. Enter new username, (something personal to you) enter your password and then click on SET NEW USERNAME on the right side of the screen
Please note if you are a Mobile user, this can be done on your phone or tablet by opening the Mobile App, go to menu, then click on settings, then go to User Info to change your username and password. Please note the username change is on the top of the screen and the password change is below the username section

Please let us know if you have any questions or if you need help changing your password or username. Contact us at 530-842-1694 or email us at: . Please do not email us any personal information to protect your privacy.