Yreka High Class Points Program

Did you know that Yreka High has a Siskiyou Credit Union Branch?

NEW this year, Siskiyou Credit Union will be donating $5,000 between Yreka High classes for opening and using credit union accounts (1st Place: $2,000; 2nd Place: $1,500; 3rd Place: $1,000; 4th Place: $500). Points are earned by making transactions w/ the credit union.

Follow Siskiyou Credit Union on our social sites, to stay up-to-date with the program, to check out the points system and to earn BONUS POINTS throughout the year.

If you already have an account, you can sign-up to participate at the Miner Branch or by emailing your full name and date of birth to aeastlick@siskiyoucu.org.

New Account: 750
New Account with Checking: 1,500
New Account: 750
New Account with Checking: 1,500
Existing Account Holder (Initial Points Added): 600
Existing Account Holder with Checking (Initial Points Added): 800
Withdrawal: 300
Deposit: 600
Mobile Check Deposit: 400
Miner Branch Visit: 500 (on top of the points for your transaction)
Follow Siskiyou Credit Union on Instagram: 300
Like Siskiyou Credit Union on Facebook: 300
Social Post: 2,000
Transfers: 200
Card Purchases: 200
ATM Transaction (any transaction): 200